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After School Program

Our Program includes:


  • Transportation from school to our clean and friendly facility.


  • After arriving at the academy:

    Kids change into their Gi / NO-GI uniforms (if they are registered for the martial arts program) store all their belongings, and do their homework.


  • Your children can be picked up between 4:00pm to 6:00pm.


  • Schools we pick up at:

    • B D Gullett Elementary school

    • Imagine school at Lakewood Ranch

    • Tara Elementary school

    • McNeal Elementary school

    • Branden River Elementary school

    • Woodland Early Childhood Center

    • Lakewood Ranch Preparatory Academy


  • No registration fee is required

  • No refunds of credits for missed days

  • Late pickup fees will be assessed at the rate of $10 per 15 minute interval and will be charged to your account at the time of pickup.